Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mult/Div Place value partitioning strategy

Walt: Use the place value partitioning strategy to solve multiplication problems

Here is my work about Multiplication and Division. In Room 1 we are focusing on learning all our time tables, because if you had to figure out a question you have to know your time tables to solve them. This Presentation about Place Value partitioning strategy helped me a lot and thanks to my maths teacher Mr Wiseman. If your teacher gave you a division problem to figure out and you don't know the answer you would have to reverse it into a multiplication problem. Here is my presentation of my maths work about Place value partitioning strategy read enjoy and I hope it helps you.

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  1. Hi Akosita, It's great to hear that you understand the reversibility strategy. Well done Akosita, you are working really hard in maths which is so good to see. Keep it up.