Saturday, 24 October 2015

My animation for term 4

Walt: write for an audience

This week I learned alot about polar bears and camels. Our class has to do one animation for each term but if that sounds easy it is not trust me. It takes alot of hard work because it like a side scroller game. Feel free to read and enjoy.

This term we had to do a animation about the desert and Antarctica. We had to choose one animal from Arctic and the desert for example I chose scorpion from the desert and a seal from Arctic. I will explain two main ideas about my writing.

For my animation i chose a camel from the desert and a polar bear from Arctic. I chose camel because the facts about the camels are really interesting. When the camels are thirsty they can drink a whole lot of water for example us humans can drink three bottles a day but camels can drink 10 bottles or more and they carry all that water in their tummy while they are travelling with people.

The Polar bear is awesome they can swim and dive in the water. They have plenty of fur to make them warm. When it’s summer some of their fur goes away but when it’s winter they grow more fur isn't that interesting. When the Polar bear is wondering around the snow the colour of their fur is really white but when they are in the water it turns to a different colour like yellow.It would be hard to choose the best out of the Polar bear and the camel. Which one would you choose?

My favourite part was learning about the animals it was very fun. Next time I would love to learn more about different animals and that was my favourite part. It felt really good to learn about different animals and different things, especially different animals so u know what is good for it, what kind of food it eats, and what are its habits. Thanks for reading my free blog writing i hope you enjoyed.