Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Maths work

Walt:Use an algorithm to multiply by one digit multiplier.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Walt:Justifying - I clarify and justify my own interpretation and understanding of complex ideas and issues .

Narritive Writing

On a Sunny exciting day the athlete’s were ready ,they trained their hardest and worked the legs off until the day finally came. When the Rio Olympic start they were fired up ready to boost all their energy out and kinda nervous at the same time thinking about what they might come but they all thought positive and got ready for the run.

It was time for them to run they were excited, as they lined up next to each other, some of them felt tense and the other were just ready and focused. The gun shot fired and they ran as fast as they could tryna pass every single person. As they thought they would win the athlete from behind picked up there paste and started to sprint then once they reached up to there other running partner they all started to run so fast that you couldn't really see their legs, their legs looked like ghost sprinting across the stadium.

Everybody in the crowd were cheering happily, waving their flag from side to side. Once the athlete's were near the finish line they all looked puffed out they couldn’t run anymore but they really wanted to win so they ran and used up every little bit of energy they had. Sadly some
Of the athlete’s did not make it. Usain bolt made it to the finish line and came 1st place. He was super fast racing through the athlete’s like he was flash and happily came 1st.

All the runners were puffed out really really tired and had a long rest, drank lots and lots of water.The surprising thing was that Usain Bolt beat his own time record, It was Insane. Everyone was really surprised at Bolt’s record everyone was just in shock but the race was over, everyone was Happy but the athlete’s that didn't make it were obviously not so happy and the day ended for them.

I felt really happy for all the runner’s because they ran their hardest and worked there legs right off to make become 1st, 2nd, 3rd or just to cross the finish line. They worked really hard during the massive race also when I was watching them race I just wished that I could give my energy to them so they can use it to win. Well Done to all the athletes that competed in the race. ‘’KEEP IT UP’’.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Nikki Hamblin

Walt:Justifying - I clarify and justify my own interpretation and understanding of complex ideas and issues

Today I learnt about Nikki Hamblin, she had great courage and great sportsmanship. She had a kiwi Olympic spirit. I hope you enjoy reading.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Why do our muscles get tired.

Walt:I support my answers with evidence from the text.
Last week we learnt why our bodies need energy, oxygen and we also learnt why do our muscles get tired. In this presentation we had to skim and scan through the text of the story to find out the answer. We also found out that there is a lot of things that makes your body,legs and arms tired. Enjoy reading my presentation