Friday, 24 April 2015

My Holiday

In the Holidays I went shopping on Saturday with my sister Anna and her family at pak’n’save.It was great when we went because we all had fun and we were all full from eating.

On Saturday me and Anna’s family went shopping.First we went to the fish and chips shop and got combos for each of us because we were hungry and ate all of it till we were full.WE had a little rest then Anna drove to pak’n’save and we all got Noodles, Milo, chips and other junk food.

Next we went home and even got a big rest then we ate our junk food then it got bored so Anna’s husband rang and told his mum to come over so they came over with the little sister Merry and the sister Tarah.when they came we read bible scriptures for a long time.

It was fun on that day I really enjoyed it Especially reading bible scriptures also I learned helps of things from the bible and I hope one day will be the same as that day.