Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Today we watched a movie that was filmed by Miss Muliamaseali'i and her crew from her old school she used to work at. This movie was filmed at Glen Innes and the poster is about the movie how the main characters were and how I felt enjoy reading my post.

Monday, 11 April 2016

A.I.M Writing

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation.

Today at 9:15 we had three amazing quest come to visit the team 5 block to talk about their education and about other important things. Our amazing guest’s names were Kenese,Arizona and Andrew Patterson. Arizona’s life sound’s amazing and extremely fun she works for Disney world which is all the way in Orlando- Florida, she also got to meet most of the most of the cartoon characters for example she meet all the characters from Mickey mouse and the princess and frog and all sorts of other actris from cartoons. She also taught us to Work hard, share happiness and dream big it was amazing. Kenese life was actually surprising it was way different to Arizona’s life because Kenesi was born in Samoa and raised up without a dad. It was so sad because Kenese didn’t know his dad but the important thing was when him and his family moved to New Zealand his mom meet somebody and that person didn’t treat Kenese like he was invisible he treated him like a son and that was extraordinary for Kenese. Kenese’s story was amazing it touched my heart because it was so sad and i never felt like that before.
Thank You Andrew Patterson for organizing the speakers team.