Friday, 27 February 2015

Omaru creek

We are learning how to keep omaru creek safe.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Duffy show

duffy.pngOn Wednesday we had to go to a duffy show. We were walking to assembly and I thought In my head that ‘this duffy show is going to be boring’ why do we even have to go but when we sat down it looked like assembly is not going to be boring after all. I will explain three main ideas about the amazing duffy show.We got to assembly and sat down then saw the kids laughing because one of the girls from the duffy show was playing simon sezz and she got it wrong.

The girl told us her name it was Siana and their was another girl but I forgot her name but the interesting thing about her is that she was going to be lots of different extraordinary characters and the boy was going to be duffy Then the show began.Duffy walked in to assembly with his book then sat down and started to read his amazing
book then Siana jumped out of one side of duffy and said ‘hey duffy’ then Siana’s friend jumped out of the opposite side and said the same thing ‘hey duffy’.

They got up and started to sing a song which is the duffy song then Siana’s friend started to act as a reading manager, a guest and lots of other characters.Siana was not good at reading and she didn't even like reading but when duffy heard that Siana was not good at reading he started to get really worried.Duffy helped Siana to read then she loved  to read and Duffy should be proud.

I liked how Siana friend act because she was really funny and kind also I reckon that she should be proud of herself because she done really well and also Siana and duffy. I felt happy when the show was finish I know that duffy show’s are not boring after all.I liked how Siana’s friend tried to act as Siana’s mum.She was awesome.

I learned that it is important to read because when I go to college I will learn better,get a good report and get a good education.I think will go to every duffy show we have in our school.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Timetable

We are learning to tell the time in written form,Digital and in arrows.I learned how to tell the time  by my fantastic teacher Mr Sommerville  and my amazing math teacher Mr Goodwin.

Saving poorman stream

We are learning to find facts in the story and retell them in your own words.When we read we learn more and learn other stuff about the story.I learned that Affirmative actions means gathering a group or asking class mates to help.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My holiday

1.I will explain three main ideas about my fantastick holiday.In the holidays
the church youth went to Point England beach.
2.It was a very hot day.Me and my family got there and we saw them playing volleyball on the field, After we played volley we had a BBQ and ate sausages, patties, lettuce, taro and lots of other tasty food.We had a challenge of games.The games were egg on the spoon,racing with a stick to the end giving to our partner.
3.The other game was to run get the apple eat it till it is finish then spin around ten times and run to get the bottle and drink it.Once I drank the drink it was disgusting because it was mixed with egg,pepper,garlic and other stuff after I drank it I almost vomited after I the race I felt dizzy and exhausted.
4. The day was over,I felt happy at the end there was prizes they called out the and I heard my name,I was excited for my prize I got lollies and then we ran to the beach to go for a swim.