Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cross country

This term we had cross country. It was sunny and the day was calm except the people.

Guess what! On Monday 11th we had cross country. I was getting very nervous i didn't even want to come school to race, I had to practice running and eat healthy but it we were going to race that day. Everybody was excited especially the little kids. The teachers also couldn’t wait to see us run. It was like everybody was going crazy over a race.

Our principal Mr Burt told us to all come and meet at the courts. Once we got there it looked colorful because everybody was wearing their house colour t-shirt. Our house colors were blue, yellow, red, and green. I was in blue and that is my favorite colour cool right. Our sports teacher Ms Vaafusuaga told us that it is going to be a little different first the year 1 girls go then the yr 1 boy, second yr 2 girls then yr 2 boys then it goes on the same time until it reaches the yr 5 after the year 5 goes the yr 7 goes then the yr 6, for last the year 8’s race.
When we sat down to watch the kids race it was exciting. We all saw they were having fun because they were smiling and laughing it was so funny though. The yr 7’s were finish it was our turn I was getting so nervous that I was shaking hard out. Mr Burt said go! we sprinted and I still had lots of energy until we got to the gate. Most of the girls were stopping but I was never gonna stop. We got to the field i was so tired I was going to stop but no then I was thinking what could I think of instead so I was thinking very hard then some inspiring words came to my head it was to NEVER GIVE UP.
It was really helping but the problem was I couldn’t breath so I stopped for a little bit and had a rest then sprinted I realize i was going really fast that i beat everyone who beat me. When the race finished I wasn’t pleased I was disappointed because I came fifth in cross country but that's not bad unless I didn’t came tenth or last. Well god bless the people who had fun and that participated in cross country.

Next year I will be ready to run. I am planing to come first, second, third, or fourth and if I don’t come in any of these places I will be mad but ill try hard to get their. I am very very very excited for the next special cross country coming up. Next time will prove that i am fast enough to race other students from different schools.

Last year at cross country I came third so I had to race the other schools. I did race other students from different school and guess what!! I came first, i was very pleased and happy i couldn’t even believe that i came first it's just like wow! Next year i am pretty sure it is just gonna be like that day : ) .

Thanks teachers for being great supporters and great leaders. You guys ROCK! Next year i wish I get to see the teachers race.