Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why it is important to drink water.

WALT: Plan for a piece of explanation writing. Use the title introduction- information- conclusion (TllC) structure.

On Tuesday we worked on a presentation and poster explaining why it is important for people to drink water. Water is very important for everyone to drink it keeps you healthy and hydrated. In fact water can help avoid certain types cancer. You need water to survive, water can also help your kidneys. There are lots of different ways to make water. When steam hits some blocked ice cubes the ice will start to melt and turn into water. Did you know that hot water freezes faster than cold water also water is the most second common molecule in the universe. Hope you enjoyed reading my post, have a great day, and drink plenty of water.

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  1. Hi Akosita that is a great work you did keep
    it up kaitiakitanga inga wa katoa