Friday, 14 October 2016

Ch ch ch ch Changes

Walt:Synthesis information from multiple sources. 

On Wednesday in literacy we were learning about Matter also what matter means and the differences between Liquid, solid, Gas. I learnt that everything around us matters and I also learnt some things that involve liquid,solid,gas. Matter means anything that weighs & takes up space. As for talking about space matter has volume it simply fills the area it is in. When your pouring yourself a cup of tea for example the waters volume is the amount of space that takes up in the cup. All matter has volume & weight but it doesn't all look the same because it comes in different forms & states.

 Solids are a matter to of course probably the obvious kind, Rocks are solid, Computers, Ipads, I phone and just like rocks all these things has weight and takes up space. Sometimes matter can be seen or felt but its there like the air we breath air is a example of gas. I also learnt more but i'd like to share it with you soon. Thank you for reading my blog post i hope you enjoyed it.