Friday, 8 July 2016


Yesterday Team 5 had a visitor her name was Miss Williams she came to tell us that in the holidays we could go on a site and Register then try out these weekly activities. The most exciting thing is that if you post a blog about the weekly activities every single day then you could end up winning a prize when you come back to school in assembly. The most Important thing is that you have to register so when you post a a writing then Miss William knows that you have blogged. When you have blogged about one of the weekly activities it says how many points you get for posting under the paragraph on the site so here is the site Here. When you've posted something you should get a comment back from Miss William or her 6yrs old son. The sport I have chosen is Boxing because boxing is a cool great sport to try out. Similar to the boxing fights we see however today or when ever, instead of boxing gloves they use long stripes of leather wrapped around there hands.A form of martial art is combined with wrestling and boxing.