Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mālama Honua

Have you been to the Hokule’a and Hikiana powhiri? If you haven’t wow! You have missed an big adventure on Wednesday 25th march. It was great! At first all the schools like Panmure bridge, Glen bray, Tamaki college came to point England reserve for the Malama Honua. Some of the students from every school went for a ride in the boat. Our principal Mr Burt was there and the camera crew was there.

We sat down on the wet green grass and waited for the two waka’s to come, it took for long but as we were waiting someone was blowing a horn and someone was blowing the trumpet. Once they had landed on our beach the man was talking to us then all of the school’s sang three song’s called E oho, Nga waka E whitu and E Honore. It was extremely amazing meeting the people and really fun too.

When we meet the people who traveled from Hawai’i to Point England reserve we had to walk down the stairs then run! Running to high five all the visitors on the hand.There we go running fast as we could through the hard rough sand as we were running it was hard to run in the sand and when we kick the sand will bounce back into our shoes and sandals.

I really liked going to the Malama Honua it was fun.I would like to go and visit Hawai’i for a Holiday and I would like to go on a long day in the boat while we are fishing in the ocean. The excited thing I was really excited about is that we are all going to be on TV!

Friday, 20 March 2015


We are learning to write five long paragraph with five sentences.

Guess what? On Tuesday the 10th of march the year six and year five’s were going on camp.They brang their suitcase to school and put it into the hall.I was very excited about camp but I was not allowed to go because I was sick that I had  to swallow pills.

The next day I stayed home because I was coughing really bad.When I was coughing I thought that I might not go to school on Thursday because I had a  headache too.While I stayed home I laid on the couch and watched Tv,while I was watching tv I was thinking about what they were doing at camp and how fun would it be to go and play with your friends for the rest of the day.

If I were at camp I would be having fun instead of sitting there watching TV.When I came back to school I heard that there were groups and each group was called All stars,Honesty,True crew,Real dealz,commitments and Matapono e. I was in the real dealz and the real dealz was cool and when each group performed on the stage that was kind of a competition of who will come first,second,and third.

I was really looking forward of who was going to come first,second or third.I really hope the real dealz came first or second.It was really boring at home cause I wasn’t allowed to see my nesses and nephews before they get the sickness so I just drawed picture’s in my book.

I liked to stay at home as well as staying at school because at home you can sleep for long and at school you get to learn and you can play games.I love school,school is the bomb.The most fun thing about camp is at the end you get to play and swim the whole day.