Friday, 25 July 2014

Commonwealth country games

This week we have been learning about Length.To learn about kilometres,we used Goggle maps.We had to find out how many kilometres there are from Auckland to Wellington.The answer is 650 km

I found out that there are 278 km kilometres from Auckland to Taupo.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Today in C.R.E Mrs Clark and miss Hare told us about Daniel and the lions.

Doing the right thing even when its hard it's always be the best choice.

My favourite part was when Daniel was praying to Jehovah and Jehovah sent one of his angles to save Daniel and he was saved.
This story is about Jerome. He got a cap for his birthday and wanted to be a basketball player. His mum said if he got 10 shots in, she would get him something special. But something funny happened instead. At the end of the story dad brought jerome a all black jersey because his dad was a rugby player.