Friday, 11 April 2014

Fiafia Reflection 2014

When i arrived i was really nervous about performing because this was my second time performing on  stage i did the cook island dance at my old school Glen Taylor but know i decided to join Tongan group,so i am in Tongan group know.I was feeling really great  because i really liked the tongan costume. Our costume was a lavalava,mat,and two sticks with lovely white feathers and oil.When tongan group performed on stage i felt a bit nervous but once i got on stage i wasn’t nervous i felt confident.When i performed i think i done well because i really enjoyed myself dancing.

Paragraph Two:

My favorite performance was cook island group because when they were dancing on the stage they looked really good at doing the hula and i saw that they were confident and i saw that they were not shy because thats how Cook Islands dance.They made me feel really good about their great movements and I really liked the cook island drumming because it was wonderful.

Paragraph Three:
I felt really great of seeing all the cultures dancing.i hope of joining Cook island group.

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  1. I thought you performed so well for the Tongan girls group. Well done!